The Goal

NiS whitepaper

To generate a universal income for every member of the community.

NiS economics

How It Works

By creating utility, demand, scarcity and balancing the buy & sell pressure in favour of demand.
It is a system where the money flows in a circle inside the ecosystem. With increasing demand, created by the utility of the token and the marketing fee, plus the burning mechanism which decreases the supply, it gives a unique dynamic that drives the price up continuously.

Nis universal income

High Demand

1. The burn mechanism and fixed number of NiS AI agents is creating scarcity.
2. The utility grows the interest and the marketing funds help reach more people, wich creates demand.
3. The demand pressure and scarcity will drive the price up constantly on its own dynamics.

NiS Circular Economics


Because this system is build to assure financial stability and previsioned growth, it doesn't aim to gather as much money as possible in the shortest amount of time, instead it grows steadily and constantly every month true scarcity, deflationary system and high demand.

Join The nis Society


A Decentralized Society, that empowers the community and individuals.The community members propose and vote for the future ahead.Every NiS Autonoumous AI Agent has true ownership encripted in the blockchain by the NFT that it is represented by. Your name can be encripted on the NFT, like Cris did on his NiS AI NFT.

nis ecosystem


- A percentage of every transaction fee is allocated to areas that drive the demand, including:
burning of tokens, marketing and liquidity
- Encourages holders for longer and bigger earnings as well as diminution of the circulating supply to help the price growth. A 10% fee is applied to any sale that is made for the purpose of exiting the ecosystem and not for use within the internal economy system and services.

nis decentralisation

The Power

Power to the people!Empowering communities and individuals for financial security in the new age of AI.A decentralized society for a better future, choosed and owned by you and the community.

The nis Society


1. Buy Ai Agents to help you with your daily tasks. Or earn and let them work for you.
2. Reserve Spot. Because of the waiting list que, a very high demand is created and your slot can be sold at a much higher price for instant access if you don't want to use it yourself.
3. Market Place for digital assets, bringing significant utility and value to its community.
4. Online market shop, selling various digital and phisical products inside and outside the community. You can make your own shop as a community member and sell your own creations.
5. Launch Pad. This brings unique value to the system by helping other projects launch and reach their markets.


6. Real-world usage through an app to help Youtubers, Influencers, Gamers and Online Creators to grow online. A Health App that rewards for staying healty. An app were you can play games and get rewards. And a reward system for helping others grow online.7. Internal marketplace for NiS Token, NiS Ai Agents and NFTs, where you can swap tokens, sell NiS Ai Agents and NFTs. This will bring a significant value to the ecosystem, due to high demand and limited supply of tokens and a fixed cap for NiS Ai Agents which can be sold on free market after minting. Only 500 NiS Ai Agents will be minted per month for a period of time limited to 2 years. The demand for NiS Ai Agents will be much higher than 500 per month.8. Yield farming: Another way that the NiS Ai Agent is able to earn interest on your digital assets is by depositing them in a liquidity pool and lending them out on a decentralized lending platform. By doing this, we earn while helping others get the funds they need.


9. Liquidity mining: This is the process of depositing funds so that they are used to help improve the liquidity of a DeFi platform in exchange for rewards. The staked funds are used for trading and the rewards come from trading fees.10. Payment Gateway. A trusted payment gateway for any business. NiS payments & rewards gateway makes it easy for any business, ranging from SMME’s to multinationals, to accept and send payments, as well as reward customers with cash back and build loyalty.

NiS total supply

& Distribution

Total token supply is 210,000,000 NiS coins.
- Marketing: 10% = 21,000,000 NiS
- Team: 10% = 21,000,000 NiS
- Creator: 5% = 10,500,000 NiS
- Presale: 20% = 42,000,000 NiS
- Distribution Funds: 20% = 42,000,000 NiS
- Incentive Fund for Creators: 5% = 10,500,000 NiS
- Liquidity: 5% = 10,500,000 NiS

nis goal

Team Objective

1. To reach a valuation of 1 NiS = 1 USDat product launch.2. To launch The NiS Ai Agent on the network, driving the wealth generation for the community members from its own ecosystem and world markets.After this stage, the burn mechanism, marketing funds, the utility and the demand pressure will drive the price up even further on its own dynamics.

nis Universal Income


Our Action Plan is designed to provide a clear path towards our vision for NiS Universal Income System powered by Circular Tokenomics.We outline our strategic plans and steps to extend the brand and token utility as follows:

nis Roadmap

Mile 1

• Initiating The NiS Ecosystem
• Developing a Social Media and Engagement Strategy.
• Launching comprehensive campaigns to increase awareness.
• Engaging in a transparent and consistent communication through social media, Live AMA's and regular updates.
• Collaborating with various influencers and marketers to reach a broader audience.
• Launching a robust bounty program to reward active community members.
• Webapp for NiS ecosystem.
• Listing the project on DEXs and CEXs.
• Launching the PRESALE.

Mile 2

• Continuing marketing campaigns through social networks and collaborations with influencers.
• Organising and sponsoring crypto-focused events and meetups to increase brand awareness.
• Organising and sponsoring antrepreneurs-focused events and networking meetups to establish new channels for token utility.
• Launching of NFT Marketplace for MINTING AI Autonomous AGENTS.

nis Roadmap

Mile 3

• Improving and refining marketing strategies for wider global awareness of the brand.
• Collaborations with big influencers for greater global coverage.
• Beginning the expansion of the project to more international markets.
• Developing partnerships with physical businesses for generating more token utility.
• Continuing exposure through social networks, mass media, and influencers for increased engagement.

Mile 4

@ - Launching The NiS Ai Agent on network, public available, for everyone, driving the wealth generation for the community members from its own ecosystem and world wide markets.
- New marketing campaigns to grow the community.
- Continuous development and create more collaborations to increase token utility.

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